A new patient device to reduce anxiety and provide a better patient experience.

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VR Unit

Improve the patient experience.

BluDove is pre-configured for your practice with multiple mixed reality experiences to choose from, all controlled by your eyes. Studies have shown that mixed reality is an effective tool in reducing patient fear and anxiety about dental work performed.1* BluDove sets the new standard for the patient experience and helps your practice stand out.

Reduce Fear

Reduce Fear

People with high dental fear delay treatment

Reduce Fear

Alleviate Anxiety

Anxious patients are less likely to keep appointments

Reduce Fear

Inspire Confidence

Break the negative perception of visiting the dentist

Gaze Control

Simply look at what you want to watch, no hand controllers required.

Soothing Journeys

Specially-designed experiences help to reduce anxiety.

Compact Design

An immersive experience packed into a small-form factor.

Plug & Play

Headsets arrive with everything pre-loaded, ready for use.

UVC Cabinet

Sanitize headsets in one minute versus expensive commercial wipes.

Fully Customizable

Configured with your logo and desired journeys.